I Dare Us To Live Deliberately


“What you use your time to do everyday tells so much of how and what your future is likely to look like.”

The day he said that, it hit me like a brick, it was like a wake up slap to me…as soon as I got to my room; I grabbed a sticky note, wrote it down and pasted it on my wall. And it’s been there ever since Continue reading “I Dare Us To Live Deliberately”


There Are No Perfect People (speaking literally)


Reading through the pages of Francine River’s book (Leota’s Garden); I realized once again that there is no such thing as a perfect life… Never mind, it’s just me – Novels have a way of travelling me out of where I am into a totally different world. But that said. I’ll just get straight to my point. Continue reading “There Are No Perfect People (speaking literally)”

Learing More Each Day That…


Learning more each day that life is about service. Service to God, and service to people.
Learning more each day that life is about love. Loving God and loving people.
Learning more each day that life is about giving. Giving to God what He has already given to you, and giving to people rather than holding back to yourself.

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Happy Birthday Jaach

It feels like it’s been ages since I last sat down to write like this.

Happy New Year by the way; and happy birthday to me (And to Diane Keaton ,lol. But really, I’m not kidding; it’s her birthday, too.)


I feel like today opens a new chapter in my life – because it actually does. Continue reading “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABE!”



How you don’t see my worth, I can’t understand

And how you treat me, I must say I only feel pity for you

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To That Place Where Only Her Mind Can See…

With hands spread wide. And eyes so closed...where the sun is gold-Orange
..with hands spread wide. And eyes so closed.

She would love to leave this place
She would love so much to fly away
Maybe board a plane tonight,
Or maybe spread her own wings and just…
Fly fly fly away.
To somewhere that isn’t near “here”
And somewhere that isn’t near “there”

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I Forgive Myself, I Move On.

I move on

Today, I was amazed at how I felt when I said to myself ‘Yeah Jaachi, you shouldn’t have done that; but I forgive you’. This will be the first time in my life that I’ll ever say these words out loud to myself.

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Not Tonight!

we are not

This is what you do at 12:11 am when you don’t know what to do…not because you are jobless; but because you just want to write your heart out at this time of the night when everyone else is sleeping and you can’t seem to.

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guest post: BEAUTY FOR ASHES

Revolveblog guest post

Ashes are ugly, they are gritty and displeasing to the eyes
Ashes are remnants of what used to be
Ashes are the result of something being burnt
Ashes are the result of something that has gone through the ringer

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What Do I Title This?

his arms

I had a great time with my boyfriend last night. Yes, my forever boyfriend…my lover…
I remember resting on His chest, telling Him ‘I love you’. It was the most romantic thing…

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