R E F L E C T I O N (sorry, write-up is still under construction)


How you don’t see my worth, I can’t understand
And how you treat me, I must say I only feel pity for you
You don’t see my endowments, you only see my flaws

When you look into my eyes, you only see my mistakes

You never tell me you believe in me…

You seldom encourage me
You don’t love me
Yes, you’ve never ever loved me

You always remind me of my past and failures

You forget to remember that a person’s failure doesn’t make them one…

You tell me “maybe I have a problem”
You say “maybe I’m not special after all”
And when I try to remind you that I could be better
You laugh at me derisively

Wish you could see how much you kill me
Wish you knew how bad you suffocate me
You never let me speak

Never for once have you decided to hear me out

Rather, you shut me up by your unbelief in me…

I am fagged, I am running out of oxygen
But it’s in your hand to save me
And it’s in your hand to rescue me

Look into this mirror and speak life to me now – your reflection
Look into this mirror and speak breath to who you see

Please let your healing words be the remedy that bring this dying image back to life


guest post: “Much More”

guest post

When you look in the mirror…
…what do you see?
A reflection?
An image?
Just another you looking back at you?
A disappointment-clouded face?
Another bad day come and gone–
–with the tears, and the scars, and the fears
Of another today repeated…as tomorrow?
Depression? Misery? A nobody?

Whatever it is you see – You are more than!
You are more than that tear-stained face,
You are a hero all by yourself,
You are more than another face of disappointment,
You are a bundle of joy…
…waiting to happen to someone,

You are more than ‘another ordinary you’
You are a great person–
The greatest of the greatest,
The best of creation God has ever made;
With a seal, a kiss of eternal excellence,
And a touch of beauty and style,
A total masterpiece, you are!

…displayed, and positioned strategically
That the world might see,
And that the world might envy.

You are much more than what you see.
You are much more than this!


IMG_20150110_110041[1] Ezinne Daniel-Edet loves travelling, writing, teaching (kids to be precise), and reading a lot of books. She desires to do business big, and to own her own school. She currently lives with her husband in Nigeria, and is a mom to two happy-growing girls.