Life is Short

Life is short, I’ve figured. Was thinking (and I’ve been thinking a couple days) about this. Think of how old you are now, and then double it. Like when did you get here, and soon Continue reading “Life is Short”



PhotoGrid_1491808989553It’s not like you’re not doing things right.

It’s not like there’s something wrong with you.

It’s just the right moment, okay?

And you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. Continue reading “G I R L”


Hi hi hi. It’s been a while. Glad I could stop by. But let me not begin my long stories, instead I’ll just fire away to what I’m here to write about.


Continue reading “Calendars “

When Your Plan For the Day Fails


Today I had a plan. I decided I was going to do something cool & benefiting; so I worked towards getting that thing done, hoping it would turn out all nice & perfect.

Normally, that thing isn’t supposed to take a person more than 30minutes to do, but I used about 3hours trying Continue reading “When Your Plan For the Day Fails”