​Through The Lower  Skies (Guest post)


“Wowww!…” I couldn’t hold back the fascination that poured in as I surveyed the landscape. The view was breathtaking. We were right at the top of a waterfall. My heartbeat must have sounded louder than the rush of waters beneath us. I tried to contain the thrill I felt dancing through my veins only to be betrayed by my eyes. Continue reading “​Through The Lower  Skies (Guest post)”


guest post: BEAUTY FOR ASHES

Revolveblog guest post

Ashes are ugly, they are gritty and displeasing to the eyes
Ashes are remnants of what used to be
Ashes are the result of something being burnt
Ashes are the result of something that has gone through the ringer

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guest post: “Much More”

guest post

When you look in the mirror…
…what do you see?
A reflection?
An image?
Just another you looking back at you?
A disappointment-clouded face?

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