🌹Straight teeth
🌹Perfect nose
🌹Bold eyes
🌹The cutest smile
🌹& boobs
🌹& legs like Gigi Hadid’s
🌹The list could go on and on.

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Rejoice In The Lord Always


Sometimes little things bother me – and I don’t know why. Plus I know I shouldn’t over-think or worry about them, but somehow I find myself doing so. This week esp has been one of such times… literally since Sunday, it has just Continue reading “Rejoice In The Lord Always”

There Are No Perfect People (speaking literally)


Reading through the pages of Francine River’s book (Leota’s Garden); I realized once again that there is no such thing as a perfect life… Never mind, it’s just me – Novels have a way of travelling me out of where I am into a totally different world. But that said. I’ll just get straight to my point. Continue reading “There Are No Perfect People (speaking literally)”

Learing More Each Day That…


Learning more each day that life is about service. Service to God, and service to people.
Learning more each day that life is about love. Loving God and loving people.
Learning more each day that life is about giving. Giving to God what He has already given to you, and giving to people rather than holding back to yourself.

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