Dear future Her…He’s Worth The Wait


I was in-between “should I write?” or “should I not write this?” …well because writing on relationships and love and guys and dates and blah and blah isn’t one of my favourite things in the world. Don’t get me wrong though, I do love “love” and I hope to fall in love with someone someday.

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DEAR FUTURE HER…here’s the thing about mistakes.


Awake, awake, put on your strength O Zion. Put on your beautiful garment, O Jerusalem, the holy city… – Isaiah 52 : 1 (ESV)

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Dear Future Her…it’s Okay to Dream.


Dear Future Her,

Dare to dream, because it’s okay to dream…and if you dare to dream, then dare to dream the extraordinary.

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DEAR FUTURE HER…you’re beautiful.

Genesis 1: 31(TLB)

“Then God Looked over all that He made, and it was excellent in every way.”

DFH Jan.

Dear Future Her,

Never let anyone talk you out of who you really are. You are beautiful – You are absolutely beautiful; and I hope you realise this early.

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INTRODUCTION TO “the dear Future Her series.”


The six “Dear Future Her” Letters will be published on this blog in 2015 from January to June – One letter every month.