Honey, Just Dreaming Is Not Enough. (DFHJune)

DFH june

Dear Future Her,

“I don’t just want to be that girl who dreamed BUT did nothing. I want to be that girl who dreamed AND did everything she could – not with her own strength, but with the strength of The One who gave her that dream. Hi again, my name is Jaachi, and as much as I love to dream – I also have to take responsibility…and brave too.”

I wrote in February that: it’s okay to dream and it’s okay to not be comfortable with the normal…it’s okay to want more. It’s okay to not be satisfied with your latest accomplishments… et cetera, et cetera! Yes it’s true, and I still believe in dreams. I still dream – a lot, even.

But honey, honey, honey…hear me out: As much as it is okay to dream; just dreaming is not enough. You also have to be a responsible girl, and lady, and woman (as the case may be). You must be ready to DO – that’s one. Know that: God does not give us dreams and visions and then just abandon us like that – He also gives us instructions, and steps to take, and ideas, and creativity to help make our big dreams become a reality. And when I say ‘our big dreams’, I mean the dreams He has placed in our hearts. Whenever you find yourself in a state of confusion about what or what not to do – Ask God, ask God, ask God! Ask Him what you have to do next, He’ll tell you. As a matter of fact, He never intended for us to be confused in the first place.

You know, I can stay all day in bed and dream, and receive instructions from God. But if I never get up to do something, nothing will ever change. I’ll just be that girl who dreamed too much but never did a thing.

Beautiful Girly-girl, you must be responsible. You must be ready to take steps. It’s not going to be one of the best feelings in the world sometimes – but you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.

The beautiful thing about writing is that when I write to you, I write to me too. I don’t write as someone who is perfect or, as one who has got everything on earth all figured out. I am still learning – everyday. And I pray to God every day for wisdom, and help. I ask Him for strength and very importantly – for bravery…bravery to be everything I was born to be; and this brings me to my second point.

Beautiful, beautiful girl… You have to be BRAVE!

You have to be: Brave enough to hold God’s hands all the way. Brave enough to know who you really are. Like a warrior that you are – be brave! Because trust me, things may not always work out as you plan; be brave anyway…be brave enough to TRUST God forever. Some days, things may try to stand in your way (which include: distractions, and even attractions…plus fear too) – you have to be brave enough to say a loud ‘NO’ to these things…brave enough to just MOVE. Yes!

“Lovely one, if you dare to dream, then you must be brave enough to fight.” – Lisa Bevere

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong, vigorous, and very brave. Be not afraid, neither be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” – Joshua 1: 9 (Amp)

“For God did not give us a spirit of timidity (of cowardice, of craven and cringing and fawning fear), but [He has given us a spirit] of power and of love and calm and well-balanced mind and discipline and self-control.” – 2 Timothy 1: 7 (Amp)

Honestly, I have my fears…I believe everybody does anyway. Some days I’m really afraid of taking a bold step or, of taking risks; I mean, it’s cooler to play safe right? Risks are risky right? (LOL). I try to give myself all the reasons in the world to why I shouldn’t take that risk…all the reasons in the world to why I should relax and be comfortable with ‘here’…all the reasons in the world to why I should hide and be okay with not being heard…Some days sincerely, I’m just afraid.

“Never imagine that ‘always brave’ translates to ‘never afraid’.” – Lisa Bevere.

I like the quote above by Lisa. Sometimes fear may creep in, there may be sweaty palms, shaky legs, stamping feet, pounding hearts, and what have you – But be brave anyway. Our fears are nothing compared to God’s Truth. When you can understand this, you’ll see that there’s nothing you can’t do. You’ll be brave and strong and still be the beautiful girl that you are. You will be in control…and yes, you’ll be the one laughing at FEAR.

Just dreaming is not enough. Take responsibility. Be brave.




Dear future Her…He will Love You and Will Love You For Real.


I was in-between “should I write?” or “should I not write this?” …well because writing on relationships and love and guys and dates and blah and blah isn’t one of my favourite things in the world. Don’t get me wrong though, I do love “love” and I hope to fall in love with someone someday. I believe Love is a beautiful thing. And the fact that two people can feel something true and real and out of this world for each other is just glorious. But, more often than not, I go blank or, get stuck or, get bored while writing on guy-girl stuff (Funny. But I’m serious). This time though, I hope it’ll be different. I’ve prayed on this, and hopefully I’ll send a message across to you.

So, Yes! Let’s talk about LOVE and about this guy that’ll steal your heart and why he’s worth the wait.

Dear Future Her May,
There are so many things in my heart that I’ll like to write, but somehow even words are not enough for me to express these things. It’s like they are there in my heart – like a thousand things scattered here and there, but I can’t find a way to put them all together.


First of all, the world is a crazy place now and everybody wants to love somebody. Everybody wants to be loved by somebody. Everybody wants to be IN LOVE. Dates here and there, heart-breaks everywhere, empty promises, shattered trust, dishonesty and what have you. Girls crying, girls hurting, girls hating on every guy – Why is it mostly the girls anyway?

You hear things like: “They are all the same. They lie, they cheat, and they break hearts. Never trust any guy, ever in your life!” You hear this from girls in real life, from girls on social media, you hear this most of the time…or, at least something that sounds like it.

Books, articles, and all other nonsense flying here and there: “10 steps to finding true love”, “15 ways to know that he is THE ONE”, and whatever thing else you see these days. It’s just sad, really. And I feel sorry for girls (and even guys) who run to the magazines, movies or, the internet for life-answers.

Secondly, allow me to just take a deep breath and say this: I agree some guys can’t be trusted – I agree that some lie, cheat, break a thousand hearts, and still feel okay. I agree that some are huge jerks! I agree; I really do. But, let’s face it! these guys are boys…and just so you know: ‘boys will be boys’ – naïve, not ready to be responsible, not ready to love for real, not ready to be loyal, probably not even ready for anything! You hear it in the way they talk, you see it in the way they treat you, and other girls in general, you see it in the way they carry themselves – they don’t just want to be responsible with anything. And if there’s one thing I know though, it’s this: Real relationships require responsibility! If you want to be in a real, true relationship, then, be prepared to be responsible, you must be loyal no matter what (and this will have to be done consciously), and you must be trust-worthy too; because hey, nobody wants to be with somebody who they can’t trust.

I agree with ‘some guys being jerks, and some guys being the same’. But with ‘all guys being the same’?I disagree. I’ll only agree with someone who says this if she can promise me that she has gone out with every single guy around the globe. But until then, I disagree. All guys are not the same. I believe there are still good guys, good men, real people who want to be responsible; and want to love for real. I believe that there are still guys who love God, and respect people’s feelings. I believe that there are guys who don’t want to go about breaking hearts because they know that there’s more to love & life than getting a girl’s heart broken.

Dear Future Her, I believe there’s a guy who wouldn’t want to ever break your pretty heart…he wouldn’t even think of it, because he will love you, and will love you for real. I know.

So why? Why rush it? What’s the rush for? Why are you all over this other guy who we both know isn’t right for you? Why won’t you let him breathe? Calling him every minute, checking on him every day, stalking him on social media? Just why? He doesn’t even ever call you, probably doesn’t even care about you. Worse even – He hasn’t asked you out – he probably won’t; but you already act like you’re married to him. Some days, I just wish we girls will JUST. CALM. DOWN. And ask ourselves this one big question: “why am I really doing what I’m doing?”

Don’t get me wrong here, I’ve liked guys – many of them. I’ve thought of guys. I’ve had a million crushes…just like you. I’ve called and texted guys more than I should have – guys that didn’t deserve it – simply because I liked them so much, and I thought they’d make great boyfriends. I have stalked guys on social media. I too have done stupid things, yes! But in all of these, I’ve grown you know, and I’ve seen, and learnt that most times…it’s just my hormones and nothing more. It’s just my feelings and nothing else. I’ve learnt that I can choose to spend my whole day day-dreaming about this one guy that I know isn’t the right person for me; or I can choose not to. I’ve learnt that I can call him all I want or, text him all I want; or I can choose not to. I’ve learnt that I can stalk him for as many times as I want to; or I can choose not to. I’ve learnt that you don’t chase love to make it notice you or chase love to make it get your attention or chase love to make it see your worth. I’ve learnt that I can trust God for the best things (which include a good man!). I have learnt that it’s not about playing hard to get or pretending to be who I’m really not around guys; but it’s about setting high godly standards and choosing not to settle for anything less than them.

So, yes honey. He is worth the wait; he is so worth the wait!

Some days you may feel lonely or discouraged because everybody else is going out with somebody and you are not! – But, he is worth the wait!

A guy who loves God more than anything in the world! He is worth the wait!

A guy you can be yourself 100% with! He is worth the wait!

A guy you can trust with your life & your whole heart! He is worth the wait!

A guy that will make your heart smile! He is worth the wait!

A guy who sees your worth and believes in you! He is worth the wait!

A guy who sees your shortcomings, your flaws but still loves you anyway! He is worth the wait!

A guy who treasures your heart so much and will not play with it! He is worth the wait!

A guy you don’t have to work your butt off to impress! He is worth the wait!

Your pillow won’t get wet from tears every night! He is worth the wait!

He will say “I love you” and will mean it! He is worth the wait!

His actions will lead you even closer to Christ daily! He is worth the wait!

Responsible…good…funny…awesome…encourager! He is worth the wait!

Don’t settle for less, wait! It may not take as long as you think it will or, it may even take longer than you think it will; but wait anyway. And while you’re waiting, please don’t sit…Live, Love, Trust, fly, chase after God!

He is worth the wait, girl. He is worth the wait! – And guess what? So are you! Learn to trust God for the best things in life. Learn to wait on Him for the best things. He will give them to you. He is Love, He is good, and He is just.

“Yet the LORD longs to be gracious to you; he rises to show you Love. For the LORD is a God of justice. Blessed are all who wait for Him.” – Isaiah 30: 18

See you next month,
– Jaachi.

DEAR FUTURE HER…here’s the thing about mistakes.


Awake, awake, put on your strength O Zion. Put on your beautiful garment, O Jerusalem, the holy city… – Isaiah 52 : 1 (ESV)

Dear Future Her,

As life goes on, you may make mistakes and you may fall…but if you fall, don’t stay on the ground; get up and keep walking – because you are strong and you have the strength to move on. Do let it all go – because you can, and you should!

I want to let you know that sitting on and lamenting over a mistake never changes anything – it never has; and I promise, it never will. Oh really? Well yes! – but you see, moving on does. Finding the strength in God to move on with your amazing life and believing Him for something more beautiful changes everything!

About a month ago or so, someone was having a conversation with me (not so sure whether to call it a conversation or not ; because I was quiet almost the whole time). He said a few things that I caught and held on to; and one of those things is what I’ll like to share with you now. It’s this: “You shouldn’t sit on your mistake; because when you sit on it, you’ll make the same mistake again”. I think this makes huge sense, and I’ll do well to explain it to you the way I see it. So this is the way I see it: When you sit on your mistake, when you keep trying to undo what’s already been done (like that were even possible), you won’t see too far!…all you’ll keep seeing and will ever see is that mistake, and how terrible a person you are, and how stupid you were to have done whatever it was that you did. Sitting on your mistake and making numerous regrets only puts you in a box, and this limits you from seeing the ‘beautiful’ ahead of you. However, when you decide to get up and move on – you free yourself from being locked up in that box. You release yourself to seeing & having & hoping & loving & laughing again.

Yep. I know. I know. You shouldn’t have done that right? You were not wise. Right? Like, what were you even thinking? I know! But hey, what does that even change, really? How can trying to fix a way too broken glass get it all fixed up? The deed’s been done; learn from it. Move on!

I’ve learnt so much in these past few years about The Love of God; and I know God loves me so much; and that no matter how many  mistakes I’ve made in the past or may ever make in the future – He has forgiven me, and has forgotten about it already! I’ve learnt that God loves me too much to want me to sit on my mistake, He wants me to be wise enough to learn from my mistake, forgive myself, forget about whatever it was I had done, and move on with my incredible, blood-paid life. I’ve learnt that making regrets is just NOT IT! It changes nothing. it is pointless – it’s one of the most pointless things, even…because beating myself up over what I can’t change will only make me feel more terrible. I’ve learnt that no matter what, God’s got me; and I can always find all the strength I need in Him to move on and move on well, ’cause…

“…He will strengthen me, He will help me, He will uphold me with His righteous right hand. – Isaiah 41 : 10 (ESV)

Look, I know letting go and forgetting all of it looks real hard right now. I know all you want to do is rewind time, and make it all okay, and maybe do it better or even say it better; but let’s face it, darling – You can’t! And maybe that’s the bitter truth that hurts you so bad – the fact that you can’t change the past. You have to know that letting go, moving on & holding on to hope may seem difficult now, but…after you’ve decided to do these; you’ll see it was all worth it!

The past is the past and the earlier we learn to let it be what it is and not let it define us – the better! We are beautiful, strong girls called to live the extraordinary life. Will we make mistakes sometimes? Yes, sometimes we may! But can we still get up even after we might have fallen? Yes, we can…and why is that? It’s because we have the strength within us to! It’s because we have a God inside of us Who is full of strength and Life!…

So, it’s yours to choose: to sit & lament & worry & regret OR to stand & move & believe & be happy – it really is your choice; but I’d rather that you stand up and dust the broken pieces off of you, and learn from your mistake, and make peace with whoever you have to make peace with (which includes yourself), and trust God, and believe in His deep, deep love and care for you!

So here’s the thing about mistakes:

* You aren’t your mistake.

* Your mistake does not define you.

* Your mistake should be learnt from, not sat on.

* You can find all the strength you need in God to let go (Heb. 4 : 16).

* As long as you are in Christ, you are free – not free TO sin; but free FROM sin.

* Your mistakes are past, and You are more than forgiven! God does not remember your mistakes anymore, neither will He ever bring them up!(Heb. 8 : 12).

Yeah so, see you in May, Xoxo and bye.


Dear Future Her..here is a little about my story, and another reason you shouldn’t live without Jesus.

PhotoGrid_14277156823691588035144Dear future Her,

I never would have been able to write this to you, let alone own a blog if I had never met Jesus.
I really wasn’t planning on posting this for the month ‘March’; but as you can see…I had to – because you have to know this. You have to know the whole truth. You have to understand that you can’t find the ‘real YOU’ until you meet Jesus; until you say “Okay, this is it God – here’s my pretty but broken heart; take it!”…

You know, I once read in a book that: if you want someone to hear something, tell it in a story! So right now, I’ll be writing to you a little about my own story. And I promise to be very real with you here.

…I was never that girl who believed in herself, I placed what people said of me way highly than what God said of me. Worse even, I wasn’t really sure what God said of me… Also, reading the king James Version bible didn’t make things easier for me either; because every time I read the it, I got a little more confused than I already was. All the “THOUs” and “THINEs” and “CANSTs” and “DOTHs” were pretty tiring; and as for my personal ‘Revised Standard Version bible’ – I just hated it, because I thought there was something about its prints that was very annoying.
Thing is: I thought I knew God. I thought Christianity was more like a bunch of “hey, do this…and don’t do that” kinda thing – at least that was the way my church put the picture; and really, I grew up my whole life thinking “okay, this is all to Christianity” – and sincerely; It was boring, tiring & quite frustrating. I was afraid of God, and I wasn’t certain of His Love for me. I didn’t even know if He really loved me or not. The bible didn’t make full sense to me, it just seemed like a book with a million words that one had to memorize …I guess I was just a confused  young sweetheart.

So many times – if not all the time, I didn’t think I was good enough, or beautiful enough… I never really understood what I was made for, and who I was made to be. To me, I was just another girl who was born to follow the regular pattern of life; which I simply thought was: “Go to school. Get a job. Meet the Love of my life. Marry Him. Have kids. Watch them grow. Then finally, Die and afterwards go to heaven if I’d been a good christian, or get kicked to hell by God if I’d been a bad one.”

I had a low self-esteem. And most times, I was depressed for no serious reasons, I would just find myself unnecessarily sad or angry. I tried to love myself but it didn’t work. I hated feeling sad for no reason, and I tried to make it go away; but I guess my feelings were stronger than me. I knew I had so much potential, but that didn’t really mean anything to me; because I never thought I was anything close to being enough. But!…even in and with all these, I still heard a voice tell me in my heart that I was made for so much more; and somehow I agreed with that voice – but I didn’t understand anything…nothing fully made sense. I was uncertain about things. And I was trying and working so hard to make God love me continually – I didn’t realize that He had always loved me, and will forever love me unconditionally.

Okay, fast forward to October 2011…

On October 30, 2011, I re-dedicated my life to God – I remember I told Him that day “okay God, this is it! – I’m sorry and here’s my heart.” (not in these exact same words, but something close). I was still confused about stuff but I re-dedicated my life anyway, and I was sincere about it. That same 2011, in December; God did something incredible – He placed me in a new Church where I was taught, where I grew, and where I am still growing even to this present day. In 2012, I started finding me, little…by little. In 2013, I knew I had to get out of the relationship I was in; because it didn’t just feel right to me anymore; plus…I wasn’t about to continue settling for less than I deserved. Breaking up wasn’t too easy on my side – of course! I wasn’t expecting it to be easy, since I had dated this guy ‘who I so loved’ for almost two years of my precious life – but I got out of the relationship anyway; and today I can boldly say I have no regrets. Later in the same 2013, I started this amazing blog – Revolve. In 2014, my growth was unbelievable! And now in 2015, it’s only getting better for me…

I cannot say how much Jesus (who is the king of all beautiful things) has transformed my life. Jesus is beautiful. Jesus is the best thing that ever happened to me. My life has been amazingly changed and I currently can’t trace that old girl to this new one. Now I know, and I can scream on the rooftops that: I am strong. brave. awesome. loved. forgiven. whole. unique. extraordinary. and 100% amazing!

Dear future her….and even ‘present her’, I don’t know how you want to live your life without having a real ‘daughter-to-Dad’ relationship with God – I just don’t know. Maybe you’re currently struggling to know who God is, or maybe you don’t even care to know at all. But please, hear me out – ‘God is so real, He is the most real thing. God is love (1John 4:8)’. He is absolutely Love; and no! He isn’t some boring old man in the sky waiting to lash you for every mistake you make – no! no! no! If anything, He wants to help you, lead you, teach you, cover your mistakes. He wants you to be happy and very free – free enough to fly so high. Free enough to hate sin and to rise above it too.

“He alone is the magnificent, faithful, and true prince  who left behind His heavenly kingdom to search for His captive bride. He is the lover of our souls who still calls to us from the eons of ages ‘come away with me, My love!’ He has broken the bonds of sin and banished the sleep of death from His beloved, and He bids her to dance, rejoice, and make herself ready for His return.” – Lisa Bevere (from the book ‘Kissed The Girls And Made Them Cry’.)

Look, I can’t say completely how much God loves you, because my mind is way too tiny to grasp fully the depth, height and width of His love for you…I can and will only leave you with this: “God loves you too much” – too much for you to keep walking away from Him. Too much for you to go another day not feeling good enough or pretty enough or smart enough. Too much for you to keep letting things and people define you. Too much for you to keep settling for less than you very well know you deserve. – He loves you too much. Run, run, run to Him!…I don’t know how to go on emphasizing on how much God loves you and on how real He is, but I trust Him to work the rest all out in your heart. Amen… And if you’re ready for Him now, then I’m more than ready to pray with you – Yeah! 🙂 . So just read the next few words below out loud – loud enough for your own ears to hear them; and read them like you’re talking to a person – because you actually are; and He’s actually listening to you right now. Okay? Good, so let’s do this.

“Dear sweet King, I know that you are real and that you are The giver of real beauty, real dreams, real hopes, and real life. I’m sorry I’ve hated myself. I’m sorry I haven’t felt good enough – even though you made me ‘more than good enough’. I’m sorry I’ve listened to other things rather than listen to you. I’m sorry I’ve made other things and even my own self ‘Lord’. Forgive me. I confess today that you alone are Lord, and I believe that you came, you died and God raised you from the dead on the third day. Today I choose to put my trust in you, Jesus, and I know I will never be disappointed (see Romans 10:9-11). Thank you for loving me, even before I took in my first oxygen. Thank you for saving my soul…And, even though so much has happened in my life, and I feel so broken right now; I know in my heart that you can take very broken things and turn them into the most beautiful of things. So thank you…thank you for making me so beautiful. Amen.

If you just said this prayer, I’m excited for you right now; and I’ll definitely be praying for you too.

I love you. And you rock real big! Xoxo,

Dear Future Her…it’s Okay to Dream.


Dear Future Her,

Dare to dream, because it’s okay to dream…and if  you dare to dream, then dare to dream the extraordinary.

Some people say dreams are unrealistic, and that wanting the extraordinary is ridiculous. They say “just take life as it comes. Accept whatever. What do you have to take risks for anyway?”. But, I strongly disagree; because, I know it’s okay to want the extraordinary. It’s okay to not be satisfied with your latest accomplishments. It’s okay to not be comfortable with where you are; and it’s okay to say “No, there has to be more than this; and there has to be more to and about me.”

Please, never let anyone talk you out of your God-given dreams, and never give up on your dreams – they are “your dreams”, and not anyone else’s. I believe that God has placed in every girl’s heart a dream, and has given her talents and passions too; not for her to just use them gain some fame; but for her to use them help the world around her. And whenever you’re afraid that your dreams are too big for you; remember that: God is a big God – too big a God to give you small dreams.

And…oh, ya. I dream too. I dream a lot. I see big things about myself, God tells me things; and sometimes, it’s just crazy because I wonder how and when these things will come true. But…God is teaching me even more everyday to listen to Him; and to not doubt Him, but to trust Him… He constantly reminds me that I wasn’t born to be small. I wasn’t made for the ordinary or for the norm – and, I don’t believe you were either. I believe that you, me…”us” were born for something much more.

So, this is it: I dream the incredible. I imagine the extraordinary. I have passions. I have goals. I have hopes. And I have fears too…but, in all my fears I know that I can always trust my God. I don’t know about anybody else; but, I just want to be that girl who lived out her dreams. I just want to be that girl who was exactly everything God created her to be. And when I have a daughter, I’ll tell her this exact  same thing: “Baby, It’s okay to dream. It’s okay to hope. It’s okay to want to fly…and, the fact that you can dream, imagine, or even think the extraordinary should clearly tell you that you were never made for the ordinary in the first place”. I’ll let her know that she can be everything she was made to be; and that she should never think the impossible, but trust  God in all things; because with Him, everything and anything is possible.

Dear Future her, and even present her…dare to dream the extraordinary. Dare to dream under this big-beautiful-blue sky; and even if you’ve stopped dreaming; you can always dream again – no matter how old you are, or no matter how too far away from your dream you think you’ve gone. I really love this quote by C. S. Lewis: “You’re never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream”; and like my pastor said the other Sunday: “Don’t be too old to see your dream or dreams come true. BELIEVE!” 

For surely, you have a wonderful future ahead of you. There is hope for you yet! – Proverbs 28:18

it’s okay to dream. It’s okay to hope. It’s okay to want to fly. It’s okay to imagine the extraordinary. After all, you weren’t made for the ordinary. After all, you weren’t born for the norm.

…and even when it looks like the “extraordinary” isn’t going to happen, even when it looks like your dreams will never come true; It’s more than okay to trust THE ONE. The one who alone gives real dreams – The one who gave you those dreams. The one who can make all dead hopes come alive again. It’s more than okay to trust JESUS. Dare to dream, girl. DARE TO DREAM!!!

  Xoxo,  Jaachi.

DEAR FUTURE HER…you’re beautiful.

Genesis 1: 31(TLB)

“Then God Looked over all that He made, and it was excellent in every way.”

DFH Jan.

Dear Future Her,

Never let anyone talk you out of who you really are. You are beautiful – You are absolutely beautiful; and I hope you realise this early – way earlier than I did.

Never look down on yourself or ever wonder in your heart why you aren’t another person. Never think you aren’t good enough; and never assume you aren’t worth good things. My darling, you are worth the best things in life.

Never lose seeing your worth, just because someone else doesn’t see it; and never settle for anything less than you deserve. Never lower your standards for any reason whatsoever – keep them high, higher than the skies…

I always tell myself that when I have a daughter, I will constantly remind her that she’s beautiful; and tell her that God made her Wonderful, and since God doesn’t make mistakes, she should see herself as a fine product of His inexplicable creativity. I’ll constantly whisper in her ears “baby, you are awesomeness…and beauty…and incredibleness…and bravery…and confidence…and greatness…and uniqueness…and fierceness…and kindness all wrapped up in one person. YOU ARE A QUEEN, YOU ARE MY QUEEN, YOU ARE GOD’S LITTLE PRINCESS…and nobody should ever make you think less.”

Dear Future Her, and even “Present Her”…you’ve got to understand that it really isn’t always about what anybody thinks of you. You are beautiful; and I’ll say it again, and a million times over: You are very beautiful. I love this quote by an amazing Kenyan-British writer (Warsan Shire): “…you are terrifying, and strange, and beautiful; something not everyone knows how to love.”  – it’s true; and I couldn’t agree with it more. You see my dear, not everyone will see your worth or appreciate you or call you beautiful – some people may; but definitely not everyone…and you shouldn’t feel bad about that. WHY? The answer is simple: “People don’t define you”. And the earlier you learn to put yourself around people who see your worth, the better.

Look, I too am learning, and discovering, and getting to know things everyday. And I want you to learn, and know, and discover things as well; and that’s why I’m writing this…

I’m learning everyday that I have to love myself. I have to love myself enough to say kind words to myself and to say good things about my body. I have to love myself enough to not let anyone or anything make me feel “not beautiful or not special”. I’ve learnt that my worth and beauty do not depend on whether or not people find me “this way” or  find me “that way”. I AM BEAUTIFUL AND LOVELY, and that’s that!…I’ve learnt that true worth and true beauty can only be found in God’s word – so, I made a decision some time ago to stick to His word, and to stick to what It says about me, and to not feel depressed anymore, and to not think I’m not good enough….I decided to trust what His word says about me…and to never look back, regardless of who calls me ‘what’ or who doesn’t. And, that’s why, my dear Girly-girl, You have got to love God’s word; and hold on to it, search it and let it tell you WHO you are, let it tell you ALL you are. LET IT MAKE YOU GLOW INSIDE, AND OUTSIDE; Because in His word is where the Real You is at.

I promise; you can’t find true worth anywhere else. Or can you?…um, let’s see – In people? Nah, I don’t think so; because you’ll only get disappointed. In the Media? Nah, I disagree; because you’ll definitely get frustrated, and end up feeling depressed. In your make-up? …okay wait, don’t get me wrong here, I’m not saying you shouldn’t use make-up (for those who use them). I definitely love make-up; and I’ll totally encourage you to always look good – But, finding your worth, and beauty, and confidence in make-up??? Uh uh. Not good, not good at all…

You can only find true beauty in The God, trust me. And when you learn to see yourself through His eyes; Nothing in this world, and Nobody in this world will be able to make you feel anything less than BEAUTIFUL.

I hope you realise soon (real soon) how beautiful you are. I hope you learn to see yourself through God’s eyes…

I hope you get to understand that “beautiful” isn’t something you work towards being; It’s who you are and it’s who you’ll always be…

I just want you to spread your wings and fly, beautiful one.

How beautiful you are, my darling…how very beautiful you are…

Much Love                                                   Jaachi.

INTRODUCTION TO “the dear Future Her series.”

PhotoGrid_1418644184583-1-11965430488“Dear Future Her” was initially titled “Dear Future daughter” by me. It’s something (more like letters) that I was going to write (some I’ve already written) to the daughters I’ll have in the future. I more like wanted to write them in a big book and keep them till I have daughters and till they were old enough to read them – (Don’t mind me, I just love to do my stuff)

..well, some days or probably weeks later, I thought to myself: “Why not make it a book? – a book that’ll you’ll write and publish”, because seriously, not only my future daughters deserve to know these truths; but many other girls as well. I thought to myself that saving these words in a book till I have daughters would be really cool; but rather selfish. Plus wait…what if I end up having all boys as kids (which I really pray does not happen), who would get to read all the “Dear Future daughter letters” all saved in a big book? (I’d probably still find someone though. Haha!)

So, anyways, this was my final thought: “Post them on your blog” .Since publishing a book was going to take a longer process, for now; I decided finally that I was gon’ post them on my blog; and give it the title “Dear Future Her” instead of “Dear Future daughter”. But, I really hope to get some more inspiration to write a book on this someday. Amen.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

“The Dear Future Her series” consists of letters – Six letters (although, if I’m ever gonna write a book on this, it’ll definitely be more than 6 letters – because, really they’re a lot more stuff to say.)

“Dear Future Her” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s only for the “Future Her”. Actually, it’s also for the “present Her” too. The letters will not only be speaking to the unborn and the very young; but also, to the present youth and even the “not so young”, and even to “ME”.

“The six Dear Future Her Letters” will be published on this blog in 2015 from January to June – One letter every month. I really can’t say the specific day in January when the first letter’ll be posted; because, I’m a student, and school sometimes could be super crazy and full of activities. BUT! I’ll undoubtedly post a letter per month from January – June, 2015. UNDOUBTEDLY!

PLUS… Great news! “itsrevolveblog.wordpress.com” is gonna be “revolve533.com” in 2015. I’ll be launching my website soon guys. (Yaaaaay!)

Okay. That’s it for now. Have a very merry beautiful Christmas in advance; and never for once forget the reason for the season – JESUS!!! Keep being awesome; and…ama see you next year. Ciao!