About Me and My blog

Hi there!

Ugh, bios are pretty ‘tough’ to perfectly organize, but…let’s see what we have here:


My name is Jaachi Edwin-Okpoko (Jaachi Edwin). I’m Nigeria-born. A student, songwriter, creator & an article-author. I love God & young people. I’m a huge fan of music, guitars & everything beautiful.

I started ‘Revolve blog’ in 2013, and I’ve been posting here since then. However, ‘Revolve’ is much more than just a blog; it’s a dream of ‘something bigger’…a dream I’ve had since I was 9. I only hope to take that dream further from here.

Here on RevolveBlog, you’ll find my thoughts & musings which are mostly inspired by God’s word, experiences I’ve had, the environment that surrounds me, or even by the very simple things in life.

My goal though is to in turn inspire you, as well and to share Truth, hope & beauty the best possible way I can.

Thanks for coming on this journey with me. I really do appreciate. Xo


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