🌹Straight teeth
🌹Perfect nose
🌹Bold eyes
🌹The cutest smile
🌹& boobs
🌹& legs like Gigi Hadid’s
🌹The list could go on and on.

Message: We should be appreciative of our body and not let comparison set in. We should be appreciative of what we have and not let “Oh she’s better, he’s better” set in. My new fave phrase to say in my mind is this: “but so is/are mine”. “Wow, her smile is gorgeous, BUT SO IS MINE”… “Oh wow, her fingernails are really pretty, BUT SO ARE MINE”, I meeeaaan!

I am beautiful and I am me…I can only be me and nobody else, right? Darn right.

Lately, I get to be reminded again of what makes a person even most beautiful – their soul.
🌹How kind they are
🌹How they react under pressure
🌹How they are consciously growing underneath and behind the scenes
🌹How they are genuine and true to themselves, et cetera.

These kind of people are easy to be comfortable with, and somehow they inspire and draw people to themselves without even knowing it.

How about we chase kindness, inner growth, and all things lovely AND shun comparison and negative vibes?! (Lol, like it’s that easy, but of course with God’s help, can we not do all things? {Philippians 4:13})

So I choose inner growth, working on myself, and building character…and of course eating well, resting good and avoiding unhealthy relationships or associations that may sap life out of me or drain me (I totally don’t need that sorta vibe right now)🙅.

❤ Well, I guess this is a good write for the time, since it’s almost 2018 and it’s in moments like this we mostly get to reflect on the passing year and plan towards the new one.

So happy soon new year all, let’s keep the goals running. And remember you’re beautiful and enough. Do you, and strive to be better daily. Chao!



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