Life is Short

Life is short, I’ve figured. Was thinking (and I’ve been thinking a couple days) about this. Think of how old you are now, and then double it. Like when did you get here, and soon you’ll be there.

I’m realizing that life isn’t about material things that can fade off, it isn’t about pride, or hate, or unforgivingness. It’s about Love – gosh loving people and dropping pride, negativity, or hate. It’s about GIVING – whether it be time, material, money or whatever. I’m usually not a ‘people person’ – I’d rather much mostly be on my own, but lately I figured more that friends and relationships are things that make the world go round. I also figured that: it’s just good to have people around; good company and like-minds that is. Also, it’s important to go on all out and give yourself qualitatively – let people know you genuinely care about them…it doesn’t reduce you actually, rather you gain trust, friendships & openness from these people. Because in the end, I think that’s what really satisfies us inside: knowing that we helped change people’s lives, and that we were able to leave marks of goodness on someone’s heart.

So two questions I asked myself. One: ‘What are you doing with life?’ Two: ‘What are the motives behind what you’re doing?’

Life isn’t long like I said earlier. You think you have too much time, until you realize that you don’t. So Enjoy life, don’t endure it. Love people consciously. Learn to see the goodness & beauty in the things around you, even in the simple things GOD has placed around you… even in the people you meet short-term… and even in the people you have long-term.

Well I’m not here to write some really long post (I think I’m learning brevity & conciseness these days). But I’m here to just write what i feel this evening, and I think it’s a great message, so…

A teeny weeny Bible verse:

Psalm 90: 12 – “Teach us to number our days and recognize how few they are; help us to spend them as we should.”



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