Hi hi hi. It’s been a while. Glad I could stop by. But let me not begin my long stories, instead I’ll just fire away to what I’m here to write about.


Our calendars are different. We all have different calendars. It’s what I’ve come to learn in life. Something I’ve grown to accept. And I am content with this fact. That my calendar is different from yours, and yours from mine. Different from the calendar of the guy who sat next to me on the pew last Friday at Bible study. Different from the calendar of even that beautiful girl who has grown to become my best friend. Different from my classmates’. Different from my coursemates’. Different from my sister’s. Different from my brother’s. Different from every other person’s, wherever they may be around the globe.


There is seed time. And then there is the harvest. Be careful not to compare your seed time with someone else’s time of reaping – You don’t know what they’ve sown & how long it took them to get where they’ve gotten. But whatever the case may be, be a listener – a listener to God’s voice…That voice that speaks to your heart. That voice that has promised to instruct & counsel you. Follow His instructions. One step…one day at a time, and walk your lane, head straight and eyes focused on the journey He has called YOU to.

Often, we compare ourselves with others. We ask ourselves if we made the wrong choice by doing what we did. We turn our heads sideways and look at other people’s lives & wish we could just have a story like theirs. But let me remind us: “The grass is never greener on the other side”. Be content with who you are, but don’t get comfortable. Always be compelled to move and to do more/push forward.

But. I’m not even here to write you a long piece. I just want you, like me to learn to enjoy your life and every season in it. To learn to be humble and to be content. To not get comfortable with normalcy but to always be moved to do more. To be a listener and a doer of every instruction that God whispers to your heart. And lastly, to acknowledge this fact: That we all have different calendars, and that God will always be with us. He will never fail us, & neither will His promises.



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