What’s Your Favorite Month Of The Year?


Hallo! How are ya doin’?

Ah! I love December; can you smell that fresh air?

Wow. I’m giggly and excited.

It’s late right now and I already set my alarm to wake up later and get this typed, but…everything…the whole beauty outside…the dark sky…the glittery stars, literally compelled me to type this right about now.

I love you, December. You smell like goodness and charm.


December is my favorite month of the year. I love love love December…the lights, the colours, the season, the beauty, the…everything.

December for me is a great time to sit down and reflect on the entire year and how it had been. It’s a great time to begin to plan (or prepare or whatever for the next year) and imagine how the next year is gonna be. It’s a great time to think upon God’s goodness, and just scream a huge “THANK YOU”.

December is a month of beauty. One of the big, big reasons why I really love December is Christmas. Ah! Christmas!!! Christmas makes me happy. I love every single thing about the Christmas season. I love the decorations. I love the lights. I love the colours. I love the trees. I love seeing hampers (It’s not like I get one every Christmas though – haha. But c’mon, you know what I mean). I love seeing beautifully wrapped gifts. And talk about the joy on people’s faces? – wowza! Always priceless!


Christmas is beautiful. Unfortunately, I live in a part of the world where not many people really fancy deep, cool Christmas decorations and all. But that’s okay – it doesn’t change my love for Christmas, nor does it change my love for its decorations and colours.


Christmas is magical. And when I say Christmas, I mean the pre-Christmas season, the Christmas season, and the post-Christmas season…which is like the entire month of December already, right? Lol. I love the way Christmas reminds me about the birth of Jesus. I love love love love that reminder so much. I love the way people can creatively retell His birth-story every year, either in dramas or in written words – it always feels good to read or watch. And how could I forget? I absolutely love Christmas songs too…and Christmas movies…and Christmas carols – Ah! they make me so happy!

Well, well, well that’s all for this post today…

BUT do you have or know any cool, beautiful Christmas song-collections that you think I’d love? Please don’t hesitate to drop the links or whatever in the comment box below.

I do have some suggestions for you, by the way (if you don’t mind). You can check out Lauren Daigle’s new album. It’s a Christmas (Jazz) Album, and a new release too…oh wait, I’m not sure if the album is officially out yet, but you can find some of the songs (from the album) which she posted on YouTube. Also, you can check out Lindsey Stirling’s (violin) Halleluyah cover on YouTube too. I think she posted that a year ago or so, but it’s pretty good as well. I saw it last year, and I think I liked it.

Well thanks a lot for stopping by

Do have a good December

See you later. Byeurr!

Note: All photos used here were gotten from @joannagaines Instagram.


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