When Your Plan For the Day Fails


Today I had a plan. I decided I was going to do something cool & benefiting; so I worked towards getting that thing done, hoping it would turn out all nice & perfect.

Normally, that thing isn’t supposed to take a person more than 30minutes to do, but I used about 3hours trying to get it done. And guess what? It still didn’t work out.

I tried the first time…it was a fail. Second time…it was a fail. Third time…there was a development, then a fail; and on and on until the 100th time (no kidding). After the 100th time, I was not happy but I still thought to give it one more shot – perharps it was going to work this last time. So I tried for the 101th time, but it still didn’t work.

I was sad, and tired, and it was getting late, so I had to stop. I felt like I had wasted my day. I felt like I should’ve used my time to do something else. I didn’t feel like talking to anybody at the moment; I just wanted to get done with the rest of my work for the day, then go straight to bed! And if possible, punch the face of anyone who tried to annoy me, haha.

Funnily, in-between all my feels, some good thoughts found their way to my mind. I let those thoughts come in, and after I had pondered on them, I decided that I wasn’t going to stay sad anymore. I decided that I was going to look at the better side of what had happened. I decided that I was going to relax and not get stuck feeling unhappy. I also decided that I was going to share this story of mine right here on my blog – which is exactly what I’m doing now!

So if you’re reading this right now, thank you! And I’d love to share with you few things that could help when your day’s plan doesn’t go as expected. These things, however, don’t follow a specific order, and I’m not saying these are the only things you could do – Of course there may be more! I’m only simply putting down my thoughts today.
So here you go…


1) Keep a positive spirit.

2) Do something relaxing rather than dwell your mind on what didn’t work out.

3) If what happened made you feel hurt, don’t be ashamed to let that hurt off your chest; don’t be ashamed to share your experience with someone or with people – sharing could be really therapeutic.

4) Learn from that experience.

5) Don’t take it all too seriously. If possible, make funny jokes out of what happened and have a good laugh at yourself – Yes laugh! The book of Proverbs says: A happy heart is good medicine and a cheerful mind works healing.

6) Encourage yourself and don’t give up.

7) Be happy with how far you’ve come.

8) Be determined to try again tomorrow.

Well, thank you again for reading. Love ya! Xo.


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