Guarding My ‘Fragile’ Heart

“Above all else, guard your heart. For it influences everything else in your life.” – Proverbs 4: 24

Guarding my fragile heart. (ItsRevolveBlog)

It’s a pretty confused world we live in today…a world with quite a number of confused humans who don’t really know what they’re doing, but still go ahead to do it anyway. A world full of people who don’t care to learn because they are either too proud, or are just okay with their mediocre and shallow way of thinking. A world full of people who don’t stop there, but go ahead to climb on podiums or to use social media platforms to spread and share these perplexing thoughts of theirs. And the sad thing is: People listen. People support them. People, in their ignorance believe them.

We’re in a time when false teachings are flying around like crazy. A time when anything goes in the Christian life as long as you ‘say’ you love God. A time when all you need to do to show you’re a Christian is insert the name ‘Jesus’ or ‘God’ on your Twitter or Instagram bio, regardless of how your posts speak otherwise. We’re in a time when a female celebrity can post an almost completely nude photo of herself with the caption ‘Jesus girl’ (or something close to that) and you see comments like: ‘Aw. I’m so glad you love God…keep shinning your light.’ – LIKE. OH. MY. GOODNESS!

We’re in a time when people just want to compete. A time when young people rather chase fame than build character. A time when morals have been thrown in the trash bin. And a time when people really don’t care anymore what God thinks.

Well truth is: The enemy is still real, and his plan of course is to confuse as many Christians as he can possible with false doctrines and stupid lies. He wants us to think that we can actually live the Christian life with complacency and apathy towards what the Bible teaches. He wants us to think that we can live this Life with an ‘anything goes’ and a ‘God doesn’t mind’ attitude, which of course is so not true.

In a time like this, we have to guard our hearts deliberately, and be sure of what and Who we really stand for…Who we represent…and why we represent Who we represent. We have to ask ourselves: Is the Christian life just all a game? Something to play around with? Who is it really about? Me…or God?

You see, the heart is quite a delicate part, and whether we like it or not, the things we focus on or, build our thoughts around or, spend most of our time on will definitely have a way of affecting our hearts…and automatically, our lives. If we spend our time thinking and pondering on confusing teachings or confusing social media posts, we’ll most likely find ourselves beginning to also get confused little by little, and then more and more. But when we spend time seeking a healthy relationship with God, we’ll know God and His Truth for ourselves, and we won’t be easily bamboozled into believing things that are false and shallow no matter how ‘seemingly true and deep’ they may sound or even look.

So thanks a lot for reading. I do hope this spoke to you in a way or more. Sending all my love. Have a fun day, and don’t forget to guard your heart. Xo.


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