I Dare Us To Live Deliberately


“What you use your time to do everyday tells so much of how and what your future is likely to look like.”

The day he said that, it hit me like a brick, it was like a wake up slap to me…as soon as I got to my room; I grabbed a sticky note, wrote it down and pasted it on my wall. And it’s been there ever since…Sunday, February the 8th, 2015….it’s been there ever since…this quote that made me think of my life…this quote by the amazing Pastor Laolu Oluwadare…I still remember.

So, I pasted it on my wall.

How nice and brilliant of me, but…then what?

Was it really about just pasting it on my wall?
Sure, it’s a good thing to paste things on our walls. To let them serve as reminders – it’s a good thing.

But after you’ve pasted them on your wall, then what?

Yeah, then what?

After you’ve published that new post on your blog…

or clicked the ‘post button’ on your Facebook wall, then what?

After you’ve posted a well-written write up on Instagram…

Or clicked the ‘tweet button’ on Twitter, then what?

Do you practice what you preach?

Do you do as you teach?

Do you practice what you’ve heard?

Do you act out what you’ve read?

Do you…?

Do we…?

Do I…?

I really hope so.

I dare us to be doers and not just hearers only, deceiving our own selves.

I dare us to be those who practice the very things we stick on our own walls…and I’m talking to me too.

I dare us to be people who deliberately put into action the very things that we teach.

I dare us to constantly ask for help from the Holy Spirit, because we really can never do it all by ourselves.

I dare us to stop taking life for granted, and live like people who have purpose – because we actually do.

I dare us to live life to its fullest.

I dare us to live deliberately today.

I dare us to live deliberately EVERYDAY.

Yes we can.


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