Happy Birthday Jaach

It feels like it’s been ages since I last sat down to write like this.

Happy New Year by the way; and happy birthday to me (And to Diane Keaton ,lol. But really, I’m not kidding; it’s her birthday, too.)


I feel like today opens a new chapter in my life – because it actually does. I feel like I have to make new decisions for my life. I feel like I’ve been getting too comfortable lately.

Every January 5, I get stronger, yet I get a year older. And as one keeps growing, one begins to realize that they have to get more serious with their decisions. Decisions such as: Setting new principles, dropping some ‘friends’ that don’t add value to you, choosing to follow your prayer time consistently, posting on your blog at least once a month (lol), arriving early at places (I’M GUILTY!), keeping to your guitar and reading schedule, following your month’s plan, looking for a job (or creating a job of your own), and learning not to be overly dependent on your parents. Et cetera…

I know I’m growing. But even today, on my birthday’s eve, as I type these words; I feel like, right now, I am not where I’m supposed to be. I feel like there’s more – because there actually is. I feel like I’ve let myself get too comfortable with so many things – And that’s not fair to me. The Truth is: right here, right now, on this fluffy chair, I don’t feel satisfied.

Now, I’m not saying I’m depressed or something; neither am I saying that Jesus is not my ultimate Satisfaction; but I’m just saying that: everybody, at some point, wants their heart desires to come true, and also, everybody at some point, wants their dreams to become a reality. Yes, everybody! – Even you; even me.

So today, I’m only speaking out my heart, and my aim is to remind all of us that: we can’t reach where we want to reach, or where God wants us to reach if we do not make certain decisions, and endeavor to keep to them.

Many times, when we hear the word ‘Decisions,’ we begin to think of really big things. But most of the time, these decisions mainly include the ‘very’ little things that we so ignore, E.G.: getting up early, making our beds, eating healthy, reading two books in a month, buying/making our wife (or our girlfriend) a small good gift because she loves gifts, reading two or more chapters of the Bible every day, spending time with our kids (children), taking evening walks with our husband because he loves walks, smiling at people, saying ‘please,’ saying ‘thank you,’ saying ‘I’m sorry,’ saying ‘No’. Etc.

Don’t forget that: The ‘seemingly’ little decisions you make now may save you of many troubles in the future.

Lastly, Please do not misinterpret my ‘saying-my-heart-out’ for ‘complaining’ – I am not complaining. With all my heart, I am thankful to God for another birthday; and also, for who I am becoming. This is just an article I’m writing to remind myself (And to remind us) that: I (we) shouldn’t at any point in life get too comfortable with just anything. And that I (we) should learn to always make good decisions – no matter how little they may seem.

Have a great day guys, and happy January 5.



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