How you don’t see my worth, I can’t understand

And how you treat me, I must say I only feel pity for you

You don’t see my endowments, you only see my flaws

When you look into my eyes, you only see my mistakes

You never tell me you believe in me

You seldom encourage me

You do not love me

Oh, you’ve never loved me

You always remind me of past things and failures

You forget to remember that a person’s failure doesn’t make them one.

You tell me “maybe I have a problem”

You say “maybe I’m not special after all”

And when I try to remind you that I could be better,

You laugh at me derisively.

I wish you could see how much you kill me inside

I wish you knew how bad you suffocate me

You never let me speak

Never once have you decided to hear me out

Rather, you shut me up by your unbelief in me…

I am fagged, I am running out of oxygen

But it’s in your hand to save me

And it’s in your hand to rescue me

Look into this mirror and speak life to who you see

Give her some breath


‘Cause your healing words are the remedy that will bring this dying reflection back to life.


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