To That Place Where Only Her Mind Can See…

With hands spread wide. And eyes so closed...where the sun is gold-Orange
..with hands spread wide. And eyes so closed.

She would love to leave this place
She would love so much to fly away
Maybe board a plane tonight,
Or maybe spread her own wings and just…
Fly fly fly away.
To somewhere that isn’t near “here”
And somewhere that isn’t near “there”

To somewhere, where colour meets Earth
And Earth kisses beauty,
So that Beauty births Nature. And Nature, Wonder.
She’ll fly fly fly away,
To somewhere, where feet meets cold sand
And face feels the cool air,
With hands spread wide,
And eyes so closed.
Somewhere, where the skies are blue.
And the sun is gold-orange.
Where eight planets are revolving.
And a thousand trees are chanting.
Happiness. And Excitement. She’ll feel alive again.
Spirit. Soul. Body. She’ll finally be breathing.
Exhaling the exhaust,
And inhaling the Breeze.
This sweet breeze of Peace
This sweet breeze of Quiet
This sweet breeze of Rest
This sweet breeze of Freedom
This sweet breeze of Calm
This sweet breeze from Heaven
That whirls into her ear…
…a David Jesse’s Psalm.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
And should she not be afraid?
Afraid of dreaming to fly?
Because, aren’t these all but a figment of her imagination?
Aren’t these all but a picture in her mind?
And when she opens those brown eyes at dawn,
Will reality not knock her in the face again?
Like a hard rock thrown upon a soft wall?
Certainly it will.
But regardless; she’ll let tonight be tonight.
And since she has got tonight,
Then she’ll dream tonight.
She’ll spread those wings, and she’ll fly tonight.
She’ll fly so fast tonight,
Faster than the Peregrine falcon,
And far far far away, she will fly
To that place where only her mind can see.
To that place where someday she assuredly will be.

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One thought on “To That Place Where Only Her Mind Can See…

  1. Awesome write up Jaachi. “She” reminds me of myself. I love to dream, to imagine, to fantasize… it gives me access to an amazing world only I know of. We should never stop dreaming, it opens our creative spirit and makes us relates with the wild and ‘impossible’, we breathe. Surprisingly, our wild imaginations sometimes become realities in the real world… Great work Jaachi, love the poetry. Same amazing writer .. different style.

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