He Keeps No Record Of Wrongs :)

He keeps no record

“Still later He appeared to the eleven disciples as they were eating together and walked up to Peter and said ‘I told you you’d deny me three times before the rooster crows twice, Didn’t I? And see! You did exactly that! Even after you beat your chest and told me you could never deny me…you told me that: even if it meant dying with me, you would rather die than deny me; but still you denied me – I told you, Of course I knew it! You couldn’t even look that young maid in the face and say “Yes, I know Jesus of Nazareth. I’m His follower.” instead you cursed and swore that you did not know a thing about me. You swore that you had never even seen me before…Simon! Simon! Well I won’t say I’m quite disappointed, because I already knew it was going to happen.’  Then Jesus shook His head at Peter and turned to the other ten.”

But that wasn’t the way it happened.

That wasn’t the way it was recorded in Mark 16: 14 (TLB). It was recorded in Mark that: While the disciples were eating together, Jesus appeared to all of them and rebuked them for their unbelief (He rebuked them because of the fact that they stubbornly refused to believe those who had told them that He was alive again). So, Yes that was what the Bible recorded and not what you first read above. As a matter of fact, I don’t recall reading a single verse where Jesus, after He had risen and appeared to the disciples reminded Peter of the fact that he denied Him thrice. He didn’t even bring the matter up again. He never did. Or did He? Um…well, not in my own Bible. And guess what? Not even in yours.

So Love keeps no record of wrongs, and that’s why He keeps no record of any wrong whatsoever; because He is LOVE.

My Jesus is Real Love.

Look, I don’t know how Peter felt when he saw Jesus for the first time after the last time he saw Him. I don’t know what was going on in Peter’s head when he saw the Jesus he denied appear before him and the other disciples. Did his heart skip a beat or two? Or was his heart was at perfect ease? Did he put His head down and pretend to play with His finger nails? Was he looking at the ceiling the whole time so that his gaze wasn’t going to meet Jesus’? Or did he keep his head up and look straight into the loving eyes of his Saviour? Really I don’t know, and I can only imagine; but this one thing I am sure of: However Peter felt at that moment, whether good or awkward, comfortable or uncomfortable; Jesus never wanted him to feel anything less than the friend and brother he had always been. Jesus loved Peter so much, regardless of the fact that he denied Him.

Yep, I know we are all growing. But let’s choose to learn daily from these examples that we see in the life of Jesus. Let’s learn to form our character from them. I love the way the Holy Spirit can just inspire us from these simple stories (Truths) in God’s word. God is amazing and simple. And He teaches us big things even from the little things.

I hope you get to learn what I learnt from this. I learnt that: Not keeping record of my brother’s wrongs or sister’s wrongs won’t kill me; but instead it will help me become more like Jesus; and of course I can’t do this in my own strength especially when I feel really hurt and all I want to do is be angry and mad, when my flesh gives me every reason to be hurt again and tells me: ‘oh yeah, you’ve got the chance now to remind her of what she did to you 3months ago.You’ve got the chance now to point your finger at him and condemn him.’

So of a truth: I can’t do it on my own; but I can ask for the grace to calm down and keep my mouth shut. I can ask the Holy Spirit (Who lives inside of me) to help me and to strengthen my love-walk toward that person or those people.

I also learnt that: God never wants me to feel anything less than His princess and daughter regardless of whatever I’d done before. He loves me, He wants me to grow intentionally and He keeps no record of my wrongs. Yes, He keeps no record of your wrongs.