Why I like to make ‘Hand-made’ cards.

After a very long time of not making cards. I decided to make one last year some days before Christmas, for someone I wanted to appreciate. It wasn’t the best card in the whole wide world – It still isn’t. But,

I was glad I made it, and Yes! It turned out beautiful – Not so beautiful as I imagined it, because I made a lot of mistakes. But, yeah! it was beautiful and I loved it and I can always do better too.

I really would have just bought a card from any nearby card-shop at school. But, I didn’t because I wanted to put my time, my energy, and my entire ‘artistically inclined self’ into it. Now I am not saying that buying cards from a nearby store would have been utterly wrong – Nah, in fact! it would have saved time and money and the energy of having to clean and pick up tiny pieces of papers and what have you around the room and also, the frustration of having to buy another glue because the other just finished.

And this brings me to why I like to make hand-made cards some days.

First of all, I’m crazy about art, I’m a very creative person and I just like to make my own stuff. Create my own wall papers sometimes, cut my own dress and make something more pretty out of it sometimes (No. I do not sew), combine clothes with the strangest of colours just to get something beautiful out of them, play nonsense that makes sense on the guitar…grunt…grunt…grunt… I like the fact that I can make a card for someone and know that I made it for them – with my own designs, my own ideas (of course, I browse out stuff and ask questions), to my own taste – I think it’s really cool.

Also, you can never find the name of the person you want to give a card to on the cards you’ll find in the stores or in shops as the case may be. But when you make a hand-made card, you can do whatever you want, you can cut out some lovely stuff of the person’s name, do whatever you want to do on it, and then paste it on the front of the card. I feel like when a person sees their name beautifully designed on the front of a card, they feel very special – And I like that, because people really are special; so it’s okay to make them feel that way.

Also, the fact that I can imagine stuff in my head, draw them out on paper and make them become a reality is something that makes me feel so good. I love to spend my time doing ‘art stuff’ – they really help my imaginative mind, and they really get me thinking of how awesome God is to have given me such too cool ideas! I love creativity of every sort and maybe that’s why I love art so much and maybe that’s why I like to make hand-made cards too…maybe.

Well…here are two photos of the card and envelope and whatever other stuff I made last year December before Christmas. They are the only two photos I have left, and in fact, I stole them from Facebook. The others? Well they are on my lost memory card. 🙂

my handwork my handwork2


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