Dear future Her…He will Love You and Will Love You For Real.


I was in-between “should I write?” or “should I not write this?” …well because writing on relationships and love and guys and dates and blah and blah isn’t one of my favourite things in the world. Don’t get me wrong though, I do love “love” and I hope to fall in love with someone someday. I believe Love is a beautiful thing. And the fact that two people can feel something true and real and out of this world for each other is just glorious. But, more often than not, I go blank or, get stuck or, get bored while writing on guy-girl stuff (Funny. But I’m serious). This time though, I hope it’ll be different. I’ve prayed on this, and hopefully I’ll send a message across to you.

So, Yes! Let’s talk about LOVE and about this guy that’ll steal your heart and why he’s worth the wait.

Dear Future Her May,
There are so many things in my heart that I’ll like to write, but somehow even words are not enough for me to express these things. It’s like they are there in my heart – like a thousand things scattered here and there, but I can’t find a way to put them all together.


First of all, the world is a crazy place now and everybody wants to love somebody. Everybody wants to be loved by somebody. Everybody wants to be IN LOVE. Dates here and there, heart-breaks everywhere, empty promises, shattered trust, dishonesty and what have you. Girls crying, girls hurting, girls hating on every guy – Why is it mostly the girls anyway?

You hear things like: “They are all the same. They lie, they cheat, and they break hearts. Never trust any guy, ever in your life!” You hear this from girls in real life, from girls on social media, you hear this most of the time…or, at least something that sounds like it.

Books, articles, and all other nonsense flying here and there: “10 steps to finding true love”, “15 ways to know that he is THE ONE”, and whatever thing else you see these days. It’s just sad, really. And I feel sorry for girls (and even guys) who run to the magazines, movies or, the internet for life-answers.

Secondly, allow me to just take a deep breath and say this: I agree some guys can’t be trusted – I agree that some lie, cheat, break a thousand hearts, and still feel okay. I agree that some are huge jerks! I agree; I really do. But, let’s face it! these guys are boys…and just so you know: ‘boys will be boys’ – naïve, not ready to be responsible, not ready to love for real, not ready to be loyal, probably not even ready for anything! You hear it in the way they talk, you see it in the way they treat you, and other girls in general, you see it in the way they carry themselves – they don’t just want to be responsible with anything. And if there’s one thing I know though, it’s this: Real relationships require responsibility! If you want to be in a real, true relationship, then, be prepared to be responsible, you must be loyal no matter what (and this will have to be done consciously), and you must be trust-worthy too; because hey, nobody wants to be with somebody who they can’t trust.

I agree with ‘some guys being jerks, and some guys being the same’. But with ‘all guys being the same’?I disagree. I’ll only agree with someone who says this if she can promise me that she has gone out with every single guy around the globe. But until then, I disagree. All guys are not the same. I believe there are still good guys, good men, real people who want to be responsible; and want to love for real. I believe that there are still guys who love God, and respect people’s feelings. I believe that there are guys who don’t want to go about breaking hearts because they know that there’s more to love & life than getting a girl’s heart broken.

Dear Future Her, I believe there’s a guy who wouldn’t want to ever break your pretty heart…he wouldn’t even think of it, because he will love you, and will love you for real. I know.

So why? Why rush it? What’s the rush for? Why are you all over this other guy who we both know isn’t right for you? Why won’t you let him breathe? Calling him every minute, checking on him every day, stalking him on social media? Just why? He doesn’t even ever call you, probably doesn’t even care about you. Worse even – He hasn’t asked you out – he probably won’t; but you already act like you’re married to him. Some days, I just wish we girls will JUST. CALM. DOWN. And ask ourselves this one big question: “why am I really doing what I’m doing?”

Don’t get me wrong here, I’ve liked guys – many of them. I’ve thought of guys. I’ve had a million crushes…just like you. I’ve called and texted guys more than I should have – guys that didn’t deserve it – simply because I liked them so much, and I thought they’d make great boyfriends. I have stalked guys on social media. I too have done stupid things, yes! But in all of these, I’ve grown you know, and I’ve seen, and learnt that most times…it’s just my hormones and nothing more. It’s just my feelings and nothing else. I’ve learnt that I can choose to spend my whole day day-dreaming about this one guy that I know isn’t the right person for me; or I can choose not to. I’ve learnt that I can call him all I want or, text him all I want; or I can choose not to. I’ve learnt that I can stalk him for as many times as I want to; or I can choose not to. I’ve learnt that you don’t chase love to make it notice you or chase love to make it get your attention or chase love to make it see your worth. I’ve learnt that I can trust God for the best things (which include a good man!). I have learnt that it’s not about playing hard to get or pretending to be who I’m really not around guys; but it’s about setting high godly standards and choosing not to settle for anything less than them.

So, yes honey. He is worth the wait; he is so worth the wait!

Some days you may feel lonely or discouraged because everybody else is going out with somebody and you are not! – But, he is worth the wait!

A guy who loves God more than anything in the world! He is worth the wait!

A guy you can be yourself 100% with! He is worth the wait!

A guy you can trust with your life & your whole heart! He is worth the wait!

A guy that will make your heart smile! He is worth the wait!

A guy who sees your worth and believes in you! He is worth the wait!

A guy who sees your shortcomings, your flaws but still loves you anyway! He is worth the wait!

A guy who treasures your heart so much and will not play with it! He is worth the wait!

A guy you don’t have to work your butt off to impress! He is worth the wait!

Your pillow won’t get wet from tears every night! He is worth the wait!

He will say “I love you” and will mean it! He is worth the wait!

His actions will lead you even closer to Christ daily! He is worth the wait!

Responsible…good…funny…awesome…encourager! He is worth the wait!

Don’t settle for less, wait! It may not take as long as you think it will or, it may even take longer than you think it will; but wait anyway. And while you’re waiting, please don’t sit…Live, Love, Trust, fly, chase after God!

He is worth the wait, girl. He is worth the wait! – And guess what? So are you! Learn to trust God for the best things in life. Learn to wait on Him for the best things. He will give them to you. He is Love, He is good, and He is just.

“Yet the LORD longs to be gracious to you; he rises to show you Love. For the LORD is a God of justice. Blessed are all who wait for Him.” – Isaiah 30: 18

See you next month,
– Jaachi.


guest post: “Much More”

guest post

When you look in the mirror…
…what do you see?
A reflection?
An image?
Just another you looking back at you?
A disappointment-clouded face?
Another bad day come and gone–
–with the tears, and the scars, and the fears
Of another today repeated…as tomorrow?
Depression? Misery? A nobody?

Whatever it is you see – You are more than!
You are more than that tear-stained face,
You are a hero all by yourself,
You are more than another face of disappointment,
You are a bundle of joy…
…waiting to happen to someone,

You are more than ‘another ordinary you’
You are a great person–
The greatest of the greatest,
The best of creation God has ever made;
With a seal, a kiss of eternal excellence,
And a touch of beauty and style,
A total masterpiece, you are!

…displayed, and positioned strategically
That the world might see,
And that the world might envy.

You are much more than what you see.
You are much more than this!


IMG_20150110_110041[1] Ezinne Daniel-Edet loves travelling, writing, teaching (kids to be precise), and reading a lot of books. She desires to do business big, and to own her own school. She currently lives with her husband in Nigeria, and is a mom to two happy-growing girls.

Why I like to make ‘Hand-made’ cards.

After  a very long time of not making cards. I decided to make one last year some days before Christmas, for someone I wanted to appreciate. It wasn’t the best card in the whole wide world – It still isn’t. But, I was glad I made it, and Yes! It turned out beautiful – Not so beautiful as I imagined it, because I made a lot of mistakes. But, yeah! it was beautiful and I loved it and I can always do better too.

I really would have just bought a card from any nearby card-shop at school. But, I didn’t because I wanted to put my time, my energy, and my entire ‘artistically inclined self’ into it. Now I am not saying that buying cards from a nearby store would have been utterly wrong – Nah, in fact! it would have saved time and money and the energy of having to clean and pick up tiny pieces of papers and what have you around the room and also, the frustration of having to buy another glue because the other just finished.

And this brings me to why I like to make hand-made cards some days.

First of all, I’m crazy about art, I’m a very creative person and I just like to make my own stuff. Create my own wall papers sometimes, cut my own dress and make something more pretty out of it sometimes (No. I do not sew), combine clothes with the strangest of colours just to get something beautiful out of them, play nonsense that makes sense on the guitar…grunt…grunt…grunt… I like the fact that I can make a card for someone and know that I made it for them – with my own designs, my own ideas (of course, I browse out stuff and ask questions), to my own taste – I think it’s really cool.

Also, you can never find the name of the person you want to give a card to on the cards you’ll find in the stores or in shops as the case may be. But when you make a hand-made card, you can do whatever you want, you can cut out some lovely stuff of the person’s name, do whatever you want to do on it, and then paste it on the front of the card. I feel like when a person sees their name beautifully designed on the front of a card, they feel very special – And I like that, because people really are special; so it’s okay to make them feel that way.

Also, the fact that I can imagine stuff in my head, draw them out on paper and make them become a reality is something that makes me feel so good. I love to spend my time doing ‘art stuff’ – they really help my imaginative mind, and they really get me thinking of how awesome God is to have given me such too cool ideas! I love creativity of every sort and maybe that’s why I love art so much and maybe that’s why I like to make hand-made cards too…maybe.

Well…here are two photos of the card and envelope and whatever other stuff I made last year December before Christmas. They are the only two photos I have left, and in fact, I stole them from Facebook. The others? Well they are on my lost memory card. 🙂

my handwork my handwork2