Dear Future Her…it’s Okay to Dream.


Dear Future Her,

Dare to dream, because it’s okay to dream…and if you dare to dream, then dare to dream the extraordinary.

Some people say dreams are unrealistic, and that wanting the extraordinary is ridiculous. They say “just take life as it comes. Accept whatever. What do you have to take risks for anyway?”. But, I strongly disagree; because, I know it’s okay to want the extraordinary. It’s okay to not be satisfied with your latest accomplishments. It’s okay to not be comfortable with where you are; and it’s okay to say “No, there has to be more than this; and there has to be more to and about me.”

Please, never let anyone talk you out of your God-given dreams, and never give up on your dreams – they are “your dreams”, and not anyone else’s. I believe that God has placed in every girl’s heart a dream, and has given her talents and passions too; not for her to just use them gain some fame; but for her to use them help the world around her. And whenever you’re afraid that your dreams are too big for you; remember that: God is a big God – too big a God to give you small dreams.

And…oh, ya. I dream too. I dream a lot. I see big things about myself, God tells me things; and sometimes, it’s just crazy because I wonder how and when these things will come true. But…God is teaching me even more everyday to listen to Him; and to not doubt Him, but to trust Him… He constantly reminds me that I wasn’t born to be small. I wasn’t made for the ordinary or for the norm – and, I don’t believe you were either. I believe that you, me…”us” were born for something much more.

So, this is it: I dream the incredible. I imagine the extraordinary. I have passions. I have goals. I have hopes. And I have fears too…but, in all my fears I know that I can always trust my God. I don’t know about anybody else; but, I just want to be that girl who lived out her dreams. I just want to be that girl who was exactly everything God created her to be. And when I have a daughter, I’ll tell her this exact same thing: “Baby, It’s okay to dream. It’s okay to hope. It’s okay to want to fly…and, the fact that you can dream, imagine, or even think the extraordinary should clearly tell you that you were never made for the ordinary in the first place”. I’ll let her know that she can be everything she was made to be; and that she should never think the impossible, but trust God in all things; because with Him, everything and anything is possible.

Dear Future her, and even present her…dare to dream the extraordinary. Dare to dream under this big-beautiful-blue sky; and even if you’ve stopped dreaming; you can always dream again – no matter how old you are, or no matter how too far away from your dream you think you’ve gone. I really love this quote by C. S. Lewis: “You’re never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream”; and like my pastor said the other Sunday: “Don’t be too old to see your dream or dreams come true. BELIEVE!”
For surely, you have a wonderful future ahead of you. There is hope for you yet! – Proverbs 28:18

it’s okay to dream. It’s okay to hope. It’s okay to want to fly. It’s okay to imagine the extraordinary. After all, you weren’t made for the ordinary. After all, you weren’t born for the norm.

…and even when it looks like the “extraordinary” isn’t going to happen, even when it looks like your dreams will never come true; It’s more than okay to trust THE ONE. The one who alone gives real dreams – The one who gave you those dreams. The one who can make all dead hopes come alive again. It’s more than okay to trust JESUS. Dare to dream, girl. DARE TO DREAM!!!

Xoxo, Jaachi.


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