DEAR FUTURE HER…you’re beautiful.

Genesis 1: 31(TLB)

“Then God Looked over all that He made, and it was excellent in every way.”

DFH Jan.

Dear Future Her,

Never let anyone talk you out of who you really are. You are beautiful – You are absolutely beautiful; and I hope you realise this early.

Never look down on yourself or ever wonder in your heart why you aren’t another person. Never think you aren’t good enough; and never assume you aren’t worth good things. My darling, you are worth the best things in life.

Never lose seeing your worth, just because someone else doesn’t see it; and never settle for anything less than you deserve. Never lower your standards for any reason whatsoever – keep them high, higher than the skies…

I always tell myself that when I have a daughter, I will constantly remind her that she’s beautiful; and tell her that God made her Wonderful, and since God doesn’t make mistakes, she should see herself as a fine product of His inexplicable creativity. I’ll constantly whisper in her ears “baby, you are awesomeness…and beauty…and incredibleness…and bravery…and confidence…and greatness…and uniqueness…and fierceness…and kindness all wrapped up in one person. YOU ARE A QUEEN, YOU ARE MY QUEEN, YOU ARE GOD’S LITTLE PRINCESS…and nobody should ever make you think less.”

Dear Future Her, and even “Present Her”…you’ve got to understand that it really isn’t always about what anybody thinks of you. You are beautiful; and I’ll say it again, and a million times over: You are very beautiful. I love this quote by a Kenyan-British writer (Warsan Shire): “…you are terrifying, and strange, and beautiful; something not everyone knows how to love.” – it’s true; and I couldn’t agree with it more. You know, not everyone will see your worth or appreciate you or call you beautiful – some people may; but definitely not everyone…and you shouldn’t feel bad about that. WHY? The answer is simple: “People don’t define you”. And the earlier you learn to put yourself around people who see your worth, the better.

Look, I too am learning, and discovering, and getting to know things everyday. And I want you to learn, and know, and discover things as well; and that’s why I’m writing this…

I’m learning everyday that I have to love myself. I have to love myself enough to say kind words to myself and to say good things about my body. I have to love myself enough to not let anyone or anything make me feel “not beautiful or not special”. I’ve learnt that my worth and beauty do not depend on whether or not people find me “this way” or find me “that way”. I AM BEAUTIFUL AND LOVELY, and that’s that!…I’ve learnt that true worth and true beauty can only be found in God – so, I made a decision some time ago to stick to His word, and to stick to what It says about me, and to not feel sad anymore, and to not think I’m not good enough….I decided to trust what His word says about me…and to never look back, regardless of who calls me ‘what’ or who doesn’t. And, that’s why, my dear Girly-girl, You have got to love God’s word; and hold on to it, search it and let it tell you WHO you are, let it tell you ALL you are. LET IT MAKE YOU GLOW INSIDE, AND OUTSIDE; Because in His word is where the Real You is at.

You can only find true beauty in God, trust me. And when you learn to see yourself through His eyes; Nothing in this world, and Nobody in this world will be able to make you feel anything less than BEAUTIFUL.

I hope you realise soon (real soon) how beautiful you are. I hope you learn to see yourself through God’s eyes…

I hope you get to understand that “beautiful” isn’t something you work towards being; It’s who you are and it’s who you’ll always be…

I just want you to spread your wings and fly, beautiful one.

How beautiful you are, my darling…how very beautiful you are…

Much Love Jaachi.


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