INTRODUCTION TO “the dear Future Her series.”

PhotoGrid_1418644184583-1-11965430488“Dear Future Her” was initially titled “Dear Future daughter” by me. It’s something (more like letters) that I was going to write (some I’ve already written) to the daughters I’ll have in the future. I more like wanted to write them in a big book and keep them till I have daughters and till they were old enough to read them – (Don’t mind me, I just love to do my stuff)

..well, some days or probably weeks later, I thought to myself: “Why not make it a book? – a book that’ll you’ll write and publish”, because seriously, not only my future daughters deserve to know these truths; but many other girls as well. I thought to myself that saving these words in a book till I have daughters would be really cool; but rather selfish. Plus wait…what if I end up having all boys as kids (which I really pray does not happen), who would get to read all the “Dear Future daughter letters” all saved in a big book? (I’d probably still find someone though. Haha!)

So, anyways, this was my final thought: “Post them on your blog” .Since publishing a book was going to take a longer process, for now; I decided finally that I was gon’ post them on my blog; and give it the title “Dear Future Her” instead of “Dear Future daughter”. But, I really hope to get some more inspiration to write a book on this someday. Amen.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

“The Dear Future Her series” consists of letters – Six letters (although, if I’m ever gonna write a book on this, it’ll definitely be more than 6 letters – because, really they’re a lot more stuff to say.)

“Dear Future Her” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s only for the “Future Her”. Actually, it’s also for the “present Her” too. The letters will not only be speaking to the unborn and the very young; but also, to the present youth and even the “not so young”, and even to “ME”.

“The six Dear Future Her Letters” will be published on this blog in 2015 from January to June – One letter every month. I really can’t say the specific day in January when the first letter’ll be posted; because, I’m a student, and school sometimes could be super crazy and full of activities. BUT! I’ll undoubtedly post a letter per month from January – June, 2015. UNDOUBTEDLY!

PLUS… Great news! “” is gonna be “” in 2015. I’ll be launching my website soon guys. (Yaaaaay!)

Okay. That’s it for now. Have a very merry beautiful Christmas in advance; and never for once forget the reason for the season – JESUS!!! Keep being awesome; and…ama see you next year. Ciao!