Hard Work Really Does Pay-Off.


Lying in bed last night (November 14) , I got thinking of how I’ve learned so much this year. It’s almost December, and the year is gonna end soon (we all know how time flies, don’t we huh?)

Of course, I did not achieve everything I really wanted to this year ; but I’d rather be grateful than complain. Like I once heard in a Joyce Meyer’s sermon: “I’m not where I needa be, but thank God I’m not where I used to be” – Yeah! THANK GOD. I can’t thank God enough for the beautiful people He has placed around me – so incredible and inspiring. God’s been good, really. If there’s one thing I know for sure it’s this: The girl I was in November 15, 2013 isn’t the same girl I am today, (November 15, 2014). That girl I knew last year has grown – and is still growing; and everyday I’m awed by this almost unbelievable incredible fact; and again I can’t be more thankful to God for this beautiful growth.

Anyways, I’d love to go on now – …lying in bed last night, I thought of many stuff – aside how I’ve really changed and become better, I thought of many other stuff like : “really Jaachi, what were your goals for this year as at last year? Have you achieved them? Did you keep to everything you said you’d do? Were you as hardworking as you said you’d be?”

At this point, I wasn’t even sure if I was actually really thinking, or someone inside of me was asking me these questions.

Truth is – some of my answers were good; of course, I achieved quite a couple number of stuff this year. BUT, on the other hand…I found my remaining answers rather quite disappointing; and really, I felt like rewinding time and doing things I was supposed to do but hadn’t done – Well, Since that’s impossible and since this wasn’t a cartoon, or a movie where I could have a time machine or something; I decided to come back to reality and embrace the only truth: “Jaachi, you can’t rewind time, you can only let go of what’s past and strive to be even better – and stick to what you wanna do today, tomorrow & even next year. And that was it! – I let go of what’s past! No time to waste feeling all bad. No making regrets.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Right now, I wanna share with you one very important thing I know I learnt this year. Something very key – HARD WORK, that’s right… H.A.R.D.W.O.R.K!!!

Proverbs 6 v 9 – 11, Solomon wrote :
“How long will you sleep, O Lazy man? When will you arise out of your sleep? Yet a little sleep, a little Slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep: So shall your poverty come as one that travels, and your want as an armed man.”

Honestly, I can’t thank God enough for how much He has taught me on “work” this year – and how much He’s still dealing with me on that. Most of the goals I wanted to and could actually reach this year, but did not, were due to “not putting enough effort”. Did I trust God to make these goals become a reality? Of course I did. So what really happened? Didn’t God hear my prayers? Well, That’s the funny thing sometimes. We think that we can be lazy and just expect God to do everything for us. I’ve grown to realize that it never works that way – “we are co-labourers with Him”. We’ve got to get doing if we really want to be great.

It isn’t just about having faith. Are you lying in bed having “faith” while a job awaits you? Faith isn’t only believing, it’s believing, living; and acting on God’s word. – YOU’VE GOT TO DO SOMETHING! God isn’t a Mr. Magic, He’s one with His word. If you don’t work, then don’t expect a happy-reasonable-result. If you don’t sow a good seed, don’t expect a good harvest. Truth is: No true great man today didn’t work hard – lazy people are NEVER great. Plus…Newton’s first law of motion couldn’t be more true. {Your abilities will continue to remain inside you; and nobody’ll ever truly know and see the greatness you’ve got until you GET UP; and work; and let that greatness out!}. Your action is that external force that pushes out the abilities that have been in you. You’ve got so much on your inside, it’s up to you to change your world with that greatness. It’s up to you to start doing something. It’s up to you to move. The choice is yours. No one gets to choose what your life becomes – but YOU.

In conclusion, I’ll say these:

1) Like my pastor said on Sunday: “Nobody else gets to plough your life – but you”. You choose what your life becomes. Don’t put blames on people, make excuses or complain about why you can’t work. Lazy people complain, make flimsy excuses & put blames on others – a lot!

2) Stop talking too much about how “you want to do” and start doing already! Get to work. “Less talkie, more workie”. The world is tired of talkers – they wanna see workers!

3) If you’ve been lazy, and you genuinely want to change, It’s never too late. You can always start doing something. “The principle of work” still works, it’s a principle, remember? So, relax, don’t feel too bad to the point of hating yourself and seeing no hope. Be wise and Learn from your mistakes, don’t waste beautiful time regretting – simply put your boots back on, tighten those shoe laces, get to work; and be sincere to yourself and to God this time. 🙂 >you could also get this message (THE PRINCIPLE OF WORK. 9|11|014) from media.godslovetabernacle.org. It blessed me. it’ll bless you too.


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