the keys

I’m so grateful that I can finally write this – it’s been in my heart for a while now.

Okay, let’s go…

John 14 : 16 – 17a (TLB paraphrased)

“and I will ask the Father, and He will give you another comforter, and he will NEVER LEAVE YOU>>>(a promise). He is the Holy spirit, the Spirit who leads into all truth.”

(Eph 1 : 13) Every believer has got the Holy spirit, “the ultimate helper” in him…Right? Right. But the big question is: Why then do we get so frustrated sometimes. Why do we struggle so much???

I’ll tell you why… The reason we get so frustrated, angry, stressed and tired sometimes is because we try to do things on our own. We dump the ALL KNOWING Holy spirit in the back seat, and then choose to drive the car ourselves. We dump the manufacturer of the car in the back seat and say to him…”well I know best how to handle this car more than you do”…foolish huh?


Some weeks ago, my Dad was searching for a bunch of keys. Actually, the keys were with me the night before; but I remembered giving them back to him.

“Are you sure you gave me those keys? I don’t remember collecting them.” he said.

Fully certain, I answered  “I did, I gave them to you last night. ”

My dad, still doubted I gave him the keys; but went to search for the bunch anyway. While he did that, I went to the kitchen to get a few things done; and while I was there, I was thinking of the possible places to where the bunch of keys might be…”bedroom?”, “living room?”, “the study?”, “on the couch?”…where?. I stopped! and then decided not to stress myself by thinking, and just then I said something. I said, “Dear Holy spirit, I’m not going to stress myself looking for some bunch of keys, because I know I’ll just get tired, frustrated and possibly not even find the keys at all. Please just help me…let’s look for these keys together.”…and believe me, right there, after I said that; I just knew where the bunch of keys was, I knew where my dad had dropped it, I JUST KNEW! It was on the bookshelf, in the study, my dad had dropped it there the night before, it wasn’t like I saw him drop it there or something; but I knew! I just knew!… and how did I know, you may ask. Well, the answer is simple! I asked the Holy spirit to help me.

So, anyway; without doubt, I walked straight to the study…on my way there, I saw my Dad; and he said he had checked everywhere (including the study) but did not see the keys; I nodded and walked to the study anyway; and as I opened the door… :P, I saw the keys, right there on the bookshelf, just as I thought! or should I say, just as I knew!… I went on and handed the keys to my dad.

“I found them in the study” I told him.

“Really? but I checked there” he replied…

…this is just a little example of how much help the Holy spirit can be to us – if we let him.” If I had checked for those keys myself, I wouldn’t have seen them until…God knows how long, and I’d have been stressed, frustrated and even angry looking for the bunch”. Hey,  The bible says the holy spirit will lead us into all truth; and I believe that He can help us in and with everything, every problem, every trouble…He can and will help us; but, we’ve got to hand Him the car keys, we’ve got to learn to trust him at all times, we’ve got to learn to communicate with Him; because, He knows all things, and He has…or should I say, He IS the solution to our every troubles. When we involve the Holy spirit in our everyday activities, we’ll be so glad we did. So, before you take that step of “wanting to do it on your own”, just pause and say “sweet Holy spirit, take the car keys, take the lead, guide me.”

Is it handling your job, or handling your kids? Is it handling your relationship? Is it your fears or your needs? Is it asking that girl out, or knowing if that’s the right guy for you? Is it your unfulfilled dreams, your hopes? Is it how to give that speech, or how to write that book, or how to start up your own business?…? WHATEVER it is, the holy spirit can help you and He will; because that’s who He is: “our helper, our teacher, our guide.”. We’ve pushed Him so much to the back and depended on our struggles for too long. It’s time to let him take the lead. Hand him those car keys, Let Him drive… choose not to be confused anymore. Make up your mind not to be confused anymore. Say this today, “I know what to do, I know what to say, I know where to go, I know the right people to meet; because I’ve got the Holy spirit on my inside, I CANNOT BE CONFUSED.”