We live in a world where divorce is the order of the day. Today, you see a beautiful-happy couple; and next thing you know, they’re separated. What’s really happening?

I don’t know if it’s just me; but when I hear that a couple just got divorced, I feel terrible, I feel sad, I feel bad and so many things just run through my mind. I’m not saying I judge them. NO! I would never want to judge people; but I get to ask myself questions like: ”why?, what really happened?, what was it that couldn’t be resolved?”

My many questions were answered this week, in my church-Bible study; and that was were I got the inspiration to write this. The topic wasn’t on ”marriage”, nah! But, the preacher said something that really caught my attention: ”THE LAW OF LOVE”. He quoted the scripture, (Romans 13:10)
“Love worketh no ill to his neighbour: therefore Love is the fulfilling of the Law.”

You want a happy, peaceful, beautiful home? Great! Then you’ve got to KNOW what LOVE IS. You’ve got to understand that Love is a person; and you’ll have to Learn to love like Him.

How do you relate to the people around you now? Are you always easily angered? Stubborn? Too proud to say “you’re sorry”? Etc.
Then, this is the whole truth: “NOTHING WILL CHANGE WHEN YOU ARE MARRIED”. You can’t be a stubborn lady now, and then assume that, in the future you won’t be stubborn to your husband. Nah! That’s self-deceit. You can’t be an easily-angered-single-guy now, and assume that you won’t almost-always be mad at your wife. Nope! That’s also self-deceit. We’ve got to love like God would if we want to enjoy a wonderful life here on earth. “Walking in love” is the key to enjoying Life…and, “LOVING” shouldn’t start in marriage, it should start now – in our everyday relationship with people.
Oh yeah! I want a beautiful happy home, a home where love is, a home where love lives, a home where there’s so much room for forgiveness and peace. I want a home where my children can look back to and say “I want a love like mom and dad’s”. Yep! Yep! Yep!
But, how can I have a beautiful, happy home If I don’t have the love of God in me. How can I not keep grudges If I haven’t learnt the love of Christ? Just…how?

I just don’t want a beautiful wedding with beautiful music and decorations. I just don’t want a pretty wedding dress, pretty shoes, and makeup – Yes! I love beautiful weddings; and infact, I want my wedding to be a beautiful one; but much more than that, I want a beautiful marriage.

And, Yes! Like they say, Love keeps marriages – but then, what kind of love? It certainly wouldn’t be the world’s kinda love; but ¬†the God-kind!

So…you want a happily ever after?? Then:
-learn the God-kind of love, pray to God to teach you to love like him.
-Pray for your marriage too- it’s never too early to start.
-pray for your future husband/wife: who says you have to meet/know them before you start praying for them?
-And please…enjoy your single days while you can – don’t rush anything….

I’m so glad I shared this. Hope it helped?