🌹Straight teeth
🌹Perfect nose
🌹Bold eyes
🌹The cutest smile
🌹& boobs
🌹& legs like Gigi Hadid’s
🌹The list could go on and on.

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Life is Short

Life is short, I’ve figured. Was thinking (and I’ve been thinking a couple days) about this. Think of how old you are now, and then double it. Like when did you get here, and soon Continue reading “Life is Short”


PhotoGrid_1491808989553It’s not like you’re not doing things right.

It’s not like there’s something wrong with you.

It’s just the right moment, okay?

And you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. Continue reading “G I R L”

Rejoice In The Lord Always


Sometimes little things bother me – and I don’t know why. Plus I know I shouldn’t over-think or worry about them, but somehow I find myself doing so. This week esp has been one of such times… literally since Sunday, it has just Continue reading “Rejoice In The Lord Always”


Hi hi hi. It’s been a while. Glad I could stop by. But let me not begin my long stories, instead I’ll just fire away to what I’m here to write about.


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What’s Your Favorite Month Of The Year?


Hallo! How are ya doin’?

Ah! I love December; can you smell that fresh air?

Wow. I’m giggly and excited.

It’s late right now and I already set my alarm to wake up later and get this typed, but… Continue reading “What’s Your Favorite Month Of The Year?”

When Your Plan For the Day Fails


Today I had a plan. I decided I was going to do something cool & benefiting; so I worked towards getting that thing done, hoping it would turn out all nice & perfect.

Normally, that thing isn’t supposed to take a person more than 30minutes to do, but I used about 3hours trying Continue reading “When Your Plan For the Day Fails”

​Through The Lower  Skies (Guest post)


“Wowww!…” I couldn’t hold back the fascination that poured in as I surveyed the landscape. The view was breathtaking. We were right at the top of a waterfall. My heartbeat must have sounded louder than the rush of waters beneath us. I tried to contain the thrill I felt dancing through my veins only to be betrayed by my eyes. Continue reading “​Through The Lower  Skies (Guest post)”

Guarding My ‘Fragile’ Heart

“Above all else, guard your heart. For it influences everything else in your life.” – Proverbs 4: 24

Guarding my fragile heart. (ItsRevolveBlog)

It’s a pretty confused world we live in today…a world with quite a number of confused humans who don’t really know what they’re doing, but still go ahead to do it anyway. A world full of people who don’t care to learn because Continue reading “Guarding My ‘Fragile’ Heart”

In A World Where Bad Things Happen


Last week, I stumbled on a sad news on Instagram…I was actually checking out for something else when I saw a photo of her appear before my eyes and below it was a caption of what had happened to her. I’d never known this girl before, I’d never read any of her books before, but the news of her death hurt my heart so bad…it Continue reading “In A World Where Bad Things Happen”